P90 workout is great for pregnancy

P90 and pregnant!

October was a busy month and I got out of my routine. Honest to goodness truth (just being real y’all) I didn’t work out for like 4 weeks. I started to feel it…but then it really got bad when I noticed it. And then motivation kicked in like no other. I am pregnant but that doesn’t mean I’m weak. I’m may have limitations but I’m not totally limited. I just needed something to ease me back in…if we’re being honest lets just say workout is not my natural inclination…it’s always been something I tell myself to do.
So I started back up with P90—Tony Horton’s home workout program specifically designed for low impact and modifications. It is simple and exactly what I needed. And short–at 24 min a workout I know it will be fast.
Day 1–I started unable to do push ups or plank and 9 days in I can do the full 30 sec of half push-ups and plank too! The progress motivates me to do more and actually surprised me. I thought pregnancy wouldn’t allow me to do floor work.
Day 9–I realized the limitation was self created and the truth was I was just out of shape. We can do so much more than we know if only we’d try. It’s not a hardcore workout but it’s the daily consistent effort producing results.
If you need a entry level program that eases you into working out I can’t recommend this one enough. P90

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P90 workout is great for pregnancy

Pregnant and P90

P90 90-Day Body Transformation for Everyone

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