Pauline Abello Fitness Pic


Pauline Abello Fitness Pic

Today as I was grabbing my workout clothes for the day I went to the wild side…… ? I’m wearing this partly because I haven’t yet hung up my clean “sane” looking clothes that are at the bottom of a hamper (true story) ? but also crazy as it looks it matches how I feel today!  

I am happy, joyful, full of life, pumped up, feeling great, and ready to get my workout on!

 Not sure why I even own these crazy clothes but I do know for SURE that I will NOT be forgetting to workout today! This outfit is a “guaranteed – to – get – your – workout – on” kind of outfit! All I have to do is look down for an instant reminder! And I definitely won’t be leaving the house in these clothes….and I’m not changing clothes till they are covered in sweat so it’s on! What’s your workout today??

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