Decide to lose weight and you will have success in losing weight

It’s Not Fluffy…It’s Fat

Let’s just call it what it is.

I remember the first time I went to a Weight Watchers Meeting (yes, I used to count points! Drank Diet Cokes like a crazy person because they were 0 points…I know! I know!) and the women all sat in a circle and discussed their “fluff.” But fat didn’t seem fluffy to me…more lumpy and dense. Pillows were fluffy…not fat! Imagine laying your head down at night on a pound of fat! LOL

Basically what they were doing was coming together to collectively make themselves feel better about being obese (they didn’t use that word either!). Counting points and going to a meeting makes yourself feel like you’re doing something, but ultimately if you are happy and satisfied being “fluffy”–you’re never going to change.

Get angry about it! Get disgusted with obesity and the junk foods that cause it! Fat of course is a good thing–but not when you have too much. Obesity is linked to disease…it causes weight related pains…it costs you money because you’ll be going to the doctor AND you’ll be buying new (larger) clothes (that you don’t like!) It is uncomfortable…it restricts your ability to run and jump and play with your kids….why would you ever want to tone it down and happily call it fluff?

The picture is of me at my first 5K run in 2012. I was so tired I had to sit down…I couldn’t believe how hard it was. I wasn’t the old me–the real me. The Pauline that used to run cross country and play soccer in high school and college. This overweight person who had aches in the knees from the excess weight wasn’t me. After that run I was sick of being fat and not able to do the things I wanted to be able to do. I decided to make a change after that run. I was never going to let this happen again. And not even a year later you can see the “after” picture of me, 70lb lighter, leaping for joy and celebrating with my kids at Jumpstreet.

Decide to lose weight and you will have success in losing weight


You’ve got to get some emotion in it!  Make a committed decision RIGHT NOW to not go back to how you were.  From this point forward decide to be a size 4 (or whatever is right for you).  The word decide comes from the Latin derivative of de: which means “off” and caedere which means “cut.”  When you make a committed decision you are literally going to CUT OFF any other option.  There is no other way.  And when you make a committed decision it always involves emotion.  Your brain responds to emotion.  You must feel it!  Decide on your pants size and get excited about it…because it’s going to happen!  Decide right now that no matter how much you don’t like working out it is MUCH more pleasurable than being fat. Decide right now that you enjoy working out because it yields such enjoyable results.

We’ll be talking all about this on Sunday, webinar #2 for Victory Club.  It’s called Re-training your brain.  Sheer will power isn’t enough.  The order for change is always : BE, DO, HAVE.  Before you can “have” or achieve your goals you must first “BE.”  Become the skinny person in your mind FIRST.  Become the achiever in your mind FIRST.  Otherwise you’ll lose all the weight only to gain it back again.  Sign up here to get the link on Sunday for Webinar #2:

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