21 Day Fix Workout

What is 21 Day Fix?
A 21-day program of simple portion control and 30-minute workouts that anyone can do.
Simple, fast weight loss—no weighing food or counting calories, carbs, or points.
You can lose up to 15 pounds in 21 days.

21 day fix beachbody program home workout review

My Honest Review:

What I Liked:

  • It actually does feel like a lot of food.  You aren’t really hungry on the diet plan.  Uses whole foods which I like.
  • It’s pretty simple in terms of nutrition, the container are easy to follow.
  • The workouts are short and sweet–30 min and as short as 10 min for the ab video.
  • The modifier is actually overweight.  I like a modifier you can relate to (vs. a modifier who is clearly incredibly fit and doesn’t need to modify).
  • Anyone can do this workout.  Follow the modifier if new or the follow her.  You don’t even need to purchase weights, their is a band option person you can follow.
  • Inexpensive, no fancy equipment or supplements needed.

What I Didn’t Like:

  • It would be pretty impossible to follow the container system as a low fat/protein plant based vegan.  They simply substitute the meat containers for tempeh and tofu.  You couldn’t do the diet if you wer on 80-10-10 unless you totally re-modified the system yourself and refigured the calories to have a higher proportion of green and purple containers (fruits and veggies).
  • Autumn is generally half naked.  I find that annoying.  Why do her fake boobs need to be hanging half out?  She is obviously in incredible fit condition–I just wish they’d put a tiny bit more clothes on her…all of the other Beachbody trainers are waaaaay more covered than her.
  • Dessert is pretty much nil.  Yes you can have a cookie on the plan but it’s not going to be what you may have been used to!  Yes you can have a teeny tiny glass of wine but it’s teeny tiny and not every day!  Just be prepared….
  • The workouts can be a little repetitive for me (this is a personal preference).  She’ll have you do 10 exercises and then repeat them all again.  Tony Horton (P90X) is similar in that way too.  I like my workout to be non-repetitive and surprising the whole way through.  But that is just a personal con for me.


Q&A – Common Questions Answered!

What makes 21 Day Fix unique?
• Portion-control containers take all the guesswork out of losing weight
• It’s the simplest way to control how much you eat
• 30-minute workouts that anyone can do and fit into everyone’s busy life

Who is the best fit for this program?
Men and women who:
• Want to lose weight
• Don’t want to make long time commitments
• Have tried and failed at complicated diet plans
• Don’t want an extreme fitness program
• Have started their weight-loss journey with Shakeology®
• Are new to fitness, dieting, and weight loss
• Don’t like “off-limits” diet plans or deprivation

What fitness levels can do 21 Day Fix?

• Everyone can do 21 Day Fix and get great results. Each workout has a modifier to show easier moves. • The test groups included fit people as well as people with 100+ pounds to lose, to be sure that anyone could be successful with this program.

What’s included?
• 7 color-coded portion-control containers
• Shakeology® shaker cup
• 6 easy-to-follow 30-minute workouts
• 21 Day Fix Start Here quickstart guide and workout calendar
• 21 Day Fix Eating Plan that shows you exactly what to do
• 3 Day Quick Fix Guide, Autumn’s secret weapon for fast weight loss
• Dirty 30 bonus workout

What equipment is needed?

• Dumbbells or a resistance band are used in some workouts (dumbbells are preferred if you have them.  For me a set of 5’s and 10’s were all I needed).

• A yoga mat and the Beachbody® Core Comfort Mat are helpful, but not required.

How does it work?
• The Eating Plan shows you how to use the portion-control containers
• Simply put your choice of food in the color-coded container—if it fits, you can eat it!
• Do one 30-minute workout per day according to the Fitness Guide
• Follow the simple plan, and you can lose up to 15 pounds in 21 days

What’s unique about the portion-control containers?

• They’re specifically designed to measure 21 Day Fix portions perfectly.

• They’re color-coded so you can easily see which foods go in which containers.

• They fit easily into your lifestyle—you can take them with you to work, school, or anywhere you need to go.

• The unique nesting design stores everything away neatly while saving space.

Can I use other containers I have at home?

No, these are custom-designed for 21 Day Fix. Other containers may have the wrong proportions and you will not be successful unless you follow the Eating Plan using these containers. Very few (if any) other containers come in the variety of sizes needed for 21 Day Fix.  Trust me, you’ll be glad you have them.

Are there more recipes or sample meal plans available?
• Autumn Calabrese has created a cookbook, FIXATE, that includes 101 personal
recipes that can be used with the 21 Day Fix Eating Plan. It is available for purchase here.
• Even more recipes are available on the TeamBeachbody blog at www.teambeachbodyblog.com
• Look at the Beachbody HQ Meal Plan on page 72 of the 21 Day Fix Eating Plan for a
sample meal plan.

21 Day Fix Fixate Cookbook

21 Day Fixate Cookbook

What is the difference between 21 Day Fix and 21 Day Fix EXTREME?
• 21 Day Fix is designed for people with very little nutritional knowledge and are more
often than not, fitness beginners who are looking to lose weight.
• 21 Day Fix EXTREME is a graduate program meant for people who are more confident
with nutrition, have experience working out, and are really looking to ramp up
their results.

Can I do the 21 Day Fix Eating Plan with more intense programs?
• Yes. Please see page 76 of your 21 Day Fix Eating Plan for tips on how to adapt the Eating
Plan to a more intense program.

What if I don’t want to lose weight? Is there a way for me to use the 21 Day Fix Eating Plan
to maintain my current weight?
• Yes. Please see page 76 of your 21 Day Fix Eating Plan for tips on how to adapt the
Eating Plan to a weight maintenance plan.

Are there any vegetarian or vegan options in 21 Day Fix?
• Yes, 21 Day Fix works for a variety of lifestyles including vegetarians and vegans. Simply
choose foods that aren’t meat from the protein food list (but see my “con” opinion of the vegan options)
• Autumn’s cookbook, FIXATE also includes some recipes that include vegan and
vegetarian options as well as gluten free.

Do I have to do the workouts, or can I just follow the portion-control Eating Plan?

• Both the workouts and Eating Plan are essential to get the best results in 21 days.

• If you’re worried about being out of shape, it is suggest you follow the modifier and do what you can, rather than skipping the workouts entirely. You’ll feel stronger in no time.

Do I need to eat out of the containers?
• It’s up to you. I recommend transferring the foods from their containers to a plate after
you fill them. This habit will help you learn what proper portions look like on a plate—especially important for when you eat out.

Can I eat out at restaurants when I do 21 Day Fix?
• Yes, 21 Day Fix is a flexible eating plan, and special occasions do come up. When eating out, try to order foods that are on the 21 Day Fix food lists. When your food arrives, estimate what a proper portion looks like, and save the rest for later.

What does it mean when it says “no off-limit foods”?

The 21 Day Fix Eating Plan shows you how to incorporate treats (like chocolate and wine) into the plan . . . and you can still lose weight.

What makes the 21 Day Fix workouts so effective?

• 21 Day Fix takes all of the guesswork out of working out. You know which workout to do each day and can be confident you’re working your whole body efficiently in just 30 minutes a day.

• The workouts yield consistent calorie-burning results, unlike a treadmill workout that can have very inconsistent and inaccurate calorie counts.

• The 30-minute boot-camp style workouts keep your heart rate up throughout, so you have an effective and efficient workout that burns maximum calories.

• There’s a modifier in every workout to show you how to take down the intensity while still getting awesome results.

• Trainer Autumn Calabrese created a 7-day-a-week schedule to give you the best results in just 21 days. Each day of the week is a different workout, all perfectly designed to avoid overtraining and keep you injury-free


Options to purchase the 21 Day Fix

  1. The Base Kit – 7 color-coded portion-control containers, Shakeology® shaker cup, 6 easy-to-follow 30-minute workouts, 21 Day Fix Start Here quickstart guide and workout calendar, 21 Day Fix Eating Plan that shows you exactly what to do, 3 Day Quick Fix Guide, Autumn’s secret weapon for fast weight loss, and the Dirty 30 bonus workout.  Also if you purchase 21 Day Fix through the link provided you will get a FREE bonus workout— “Plyo Fix” (a $19.95USD value)
  2. The Challenge Pack – everything above included, but also your choice flavor of Shakeology and a 30 day free trial to the online meal planner (club membership) and Beachbody on demand (nearly all of their workouts streaming online–think Netflix for workouts)

21 Day Fix Challenge Pack home workout program with Shakeology


My video of me trying out the container system

Other helpful 21 Day Fix Links:

  1. Fixate Recipe Updates
  2. Food List (how foods correspond to containers–Recently updated to include a wider variety of foods.)
  3. 21 Day Fix helpful grocery list (Fill in your grocery list using the 21 Day Fix template to keep organized and on track at the grocery store.)
  4. Meal Planner Use this meal planner to plan a day of meals using your 21 Day Fix containers and Eating Plan. Write down each meal and then fill in the associated number of containers in the squares below.
  5. Tally Sheets (printable) This super-simple tally sheet will help you keep track of your 21 Day Fix and 21 Day Fix Extreme portions.
  6. Digital Tally Sheets
  7. Quick Start Container Chart – Use this chart to sort out how many portions you’re going to fill your containers with each day while on the 21 Day Fix Eating Plan.
  8. There’s an app for that!  Did you know 21 Day Fix has a free app?  It’s pretty awesome–it has container food lists, daily tracking for 21 Day Fix workouts and containers, 3 Day Quick Fix guide, maintenance setting, and more– download for free by clicking here (currently only available for apple/IOS devices)


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