Fitness Reviews

I am a home workout fanatic –I’ve tried pretty much every program out there and lots of the equipment too.  Check back here as I begin updating this page and adding my reviews–I try and do about 1 a week.   Pros and Cons of different workouts!  This page will be a helpful resource when evaluating your fitness purchases.



For home workouts I personally love and use Beachbody programs (this is how I lost 70lb–the only thing that ever worked for me–see my Turbo Fire Review)– you can check out Team Beachbody’s website to get a good idea of what’s available.


(*disclosure–I am a coach for Beachbody and in full disclosure I do receive compensation if you purchase through me.  If my reviews help you out and you want to click through my links I appreciate it.  Consider it my “tip jar” 🙂  And it will also designate me as your official “coach” in the Beachbody system)

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