Using Chisel and Hammer and working out and lifting weights during pregnancy

Lifting Weights While Pregnant

35 weeks and 3 days….holy moly I’m going to be having a baby soon! Lol…it just hit me when I wrote that! Feeling really good – uncomfortable often of course, but other than that baby and I are doing great and all things are normal.

There is a huge link to how you good (or bad) you feel in pregnancy with sleeping and eating well. Fruits and veggies and avoiding processed foods is so key…and naps are a must!  I make all the other 5 kids lay down too. Even the older ones usually take a nap (they play hard every day) or atleast they read and have quiet time. But that way I for sure get a nap too. I’m so much more pleasant after a nap…I’ll be the first to admit!

Eating healthfully (and napping) come second nature to me now. I’m no longer tempted by junk food. I haven’t had a soda in 10 years. Or my favorite candy (Reese’s!). I’ve learned to make my own healthy desserts (peanut butter cups included–or life would not be worth living 😉 jk!)

But I’ll readily admit- working out used to be the real struggle. This is my post workout pic this morning after doing the cardio workout from the new Hammer and Chisel program. (That was my Christmas present to Derek Abello SEO and his Christmas present to me was a set of Bowflex select tech weights! You click the dial to exactly the weight u want…so cool…).
Many people (including myself) have preconditioning from childhood or past experiences that working out will give pain not pleasure when really the opposite is true. In every way working out makes us feel and look better. But you have to retrain your brain–sheer will power is usually not enough to create a life long habit. This is true for creating healthy eating habits as well. I’ll share more how to overcome this in a future webinar.

Using Chisel and Hammer and working out and lifting weights during pregnancy

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