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About Pauline

Hey there!  Thanks for visiting my site!  My name is Pauline and I was born in raised in Phoenix, AZ.  If I could define myself by one word it would be Christian.  I’m a devoted follower of Jesus and I’ve dedicated my life to serving God and His people.

Wife and Mom

If I were to choose 2 other words to describe me…it would be wife and mom.  I’m proud to say I’ve been married to my amazing Husband, Derek Abello.10 years and we fall more in love each day.  But I PROMISE you it takes work.  There have been several times we both felt like giving up…but we didn’t and we worked through it and our marriage grew even stronger.  Now we are inseparable, best friends and its everything and more I ever thought marriage would be.  Is your marriage struggling?  God has really put it on my heart to help other women in their marriages–visit my main website: www.paulineabello.com for marriage tips and training.

Ranch Life

My family and I live in Scottsdale because it is close to the city and our church, but our heart is out in the country 🙂  We have a 5 acre ranch in Wittmann, it was the first place that we ever bought. We love our little piece of heaven here on earth and have invested a lot of time in making it thrive and produce much for us! We visit nearly every week and grow all sorts of food and enjoy the starts.  From time to time I post on my blog the goings on of our little farm. 🙂

Fitness and Weightloss

We have 5 (soon to be 6!) children.  Like many of us moms, baby making means I gained a little weight.  Ok a lot!  In my first pregnancy I gained 70lb.  After baby #5, and still not losing anything I finally decided enough was enough and set my mind to figuring out how I could make this work and lose the weight once and for all.  I succeeded and lost 70 lb in 7 months by exercising and eating healthfully.  From there I became a certified Health and Nutrition Coach and started helping others get results and change their health.

I made a video of my weight loss journey (see the embedded video below) and that was very popular on youtube and it created a lot of emails asking for details, how I did it, etc.  So I created a free 3 part video series about exercising and eating healthfully (<—click here to watch and get meal plans, etc).


My children are a huge priority in my life, I homeschool all of them.  Most people think that sounds crazy, like they imagine all my kids must be swinging from the ceiling fans or something lol.  But its just all how you train them I think.  I couldn’t handle a crazy bunch of hooligans so I trained my children to be well behaved and polite and obey me.  It’s all in the training.  Do you struggle with raising your children or toddlers?  Visit my main website: www.paulineabello.com where I post tips and videos on what has worked for me.


And as for homeschooling it’s not as hard as you think.  Obviously there is some work involved–anything you do that is worth doing takes work (marriage, parenting, etc) but the point is it’s so worth it.  To manage the kids’ day I have charts they follow and it’s a pretty good system.  I might change it in the future but for now it’s working great.  And homeschooling takes far less time than you’d think.  Kindergarten is maybe 1 hour each day or less.  They learn SO much just by hanging out with me while we cook (counting cups of flour, etc).  The older kids still only need a dedicated 2-3 hours.  Mainly because it’s all curtailed to the child.  No busy work or seat work is necessary.  There’s a lot more to be said and I’m making videos all the time about what is working and what I’m loving.  What to learn more?  Click here: homeschooling.

Eating Clean

One of my greatest passions is teaching people how to eat clean. And not just buying organic. That plays into it a little, but eating healthfully is so much more than that and it’s not taught in schools. I have a passion for teaching people how to heal and prevent their diseases using food and lifestyle. Truly what is genetic about our diseases is we eat, sleep, and handle stress the way our mama did! And if we picked up bad habits they can follow us for life. I created a website dedicated to that purpose: Eat Clean with Pauline and have written a free ebook you can get on there to teach and spread this important message: You don’t have to be sick!

That About Sums It Up…

I figure you know me pretty well now. The above is me in a nutshell and how you can learn more about what I’m doing and posting. I hope to get to know you better! Leave a comment below and I look forward to hearing from you!


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